Wendell is a recurring character, appearing first as a monster, then as a protagonist.

Appearances Edit

Hyde and Go Shriek Edit

In his first appearance, nerdy Wendell is continually harassed by the school bully Rex, and his goons, which he only laughs off...until Rex scares away his pet rat, Dr. Jekyll. Angered by this, Wendell vows to get back at Rex, which Rex's friends take advantage off by giving him a supposedly defective protein shake...which turns him into a werewolf! As a werewolf, Wendell terrorizes Rex and his friends, until Rex decides to become a werewolf himself, albiet a more powerful one. Taking more than the required amount of shake, Rex becomes a werewolf that's twice the size of Wendell, with the intent of finishing him off, only to be captured by the police, who had been tracking the REAL werewolf for hours. As Rex is carried away, Wendell looks on, with an evil smile on his face...hinting that he had planned the whole thing from the start.

Growing Pains Edit

Still tormented by Rex's sidekicks (Rex himself is in jail), Wendell, now a botanist, falls in love with a shy new girl named Rose. Wondering what secret Rose is hiding, Wendell gets the answers he was seeking when Rose reveals she is a half human, half plant creature who scares off the bullies, which makes him even more attracted to her.

Personality Edit

Wendell is a very cheerful young man, who laughs even when others are making fun of him. He is also easily enraged, and is willing to defend others.