The Weeping Woman is an episode in season 2 of Tales From The Cryptkeeper 

The Weeping Woman


camille and Mildred from Fare tonight return This Time, to investigate a Woman's Ghost who Haunts a local inn


It starts with The Cryptkeeper welcoming everybody to the Fright At The Opera while The Cryptkeeper Started Crying, realizing that he has a soft spot, The Old Witch make an appearance, much to The Cryptkeeper's disgust, then The Cryptkeeper makes the Screama donna to do Her Swan Song while putting Her in an igloo in a way to tell Her to Shut up finally, The Cryptkeeper can now tell a Tearjerking Fearjerker: The Weeping Woman. It starts with All Grown up camille and Mildred. With a Broken car The Girly Girls went to a Creepy Victorian Mansion. When The Girly Girls went there, camille was curious about if it's Haunted Mildred might be still curious about it and also busy on Teddy Bear collection. When they're Sleeping in the Attic, The Girly Girls realize a Crying Woman's Ghost Haunts there, much to their Fear.

While Mildred goes Girly Girl window Shopping for Vintage Dresses, She realizes the Teddy Bear She found was Perfect for Her Teddy Bear collection.Then She heard Crying, She knows there's a Ghost in there. Then during the Night, they saw the Crying Woman's Ghost again and while Mildred goes to the Boutique, along with the Teddy Bear, She heard the Crying again only to realize a Baby Girly Girl was Crying there.While Crying, Mildred gives the Teddy Bear to Her. Then camille was Frightened by the Crying Woman's Ghost and then at the  top of the Mansion, Mildred brought the Baby Girly Girl Ghost with Her, only to realize  the Crying Woman's Ghost is actually a Mother and the Baby Girly Girl's Ghost is Her Daughter. While they reunite, The Girly Girls realize the Tragedy: They both become separate after they Die. The Girly Girls Started Crying and at the end of the story, They realize the Teddy Bear is with them.

The Cryptkeeper Started Crying again about the story and The Cryptkeeper Started Crying so hard that it literally overflows the Theater and then The Old Witch make an appearance making The Cryptkeeper Started Crying again.


The Cryptkeeper

The Old Witch



The Crying Woman's Ghost and Her Daughter


This is The First Time camille and Mildred make an second appearance in the series, along with others.

This is The First Time The Cryptkeeper Started Crying along with camille and Mildred and The Crying Woman's Ghost and Her Daughter at the end, though The Cryptkeeper Started Crying at the beginning of the episode