Cryptkeeper in New Tales From The Cryptkeeper.

the Cryptkeeper is the host of both Tales from the Crypt, Tales from the Cryptkeeper and New Tales from the Cryptkeeper.

Background Edit

Born some time in the late nineteenth century to a mentally retarded, literally two faced man and a four thousand year old mummy, the Cryptkeeper spends his days in the crypt of his mansion , telling spine chilling stories to passerbys. He also has a love of horror themed puns.

Second Season Edit

In the second season opener, the Cryptkeeper had to leave his mansion in order to escape his archenemies, the Vault Keeper and the Old Witch, who were trying to steal the show from him, only to get their comeuppence at the end of the episode.

New Tales From The Cryptkeeper Edit

In New Tales From The Cryptkeeper, the Cryptkeeper travels across the country, usually being the one responsible for what happend to the main characters as a way to teach them a lesson.

Appearance Edit

Cryptkeeper has sea green colored skin, yellow eyes, and is partially balding, but in new tales he has long blond hair.


In The Weeping Woman, This is The First Time The Cryptkeeper Started Crying, in both the beginning and the ending.